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Archana Parashar

Law School Archana Parashar photo
Positions: Associate Professor
Tel: +61-2-9850 7062
Fax: +61-2-9850 7686
Location: W3A 625


BSc LLM (Delhi), PhD (ANU)
Associate Professor

Teaching Responsibilities 

Law 214 - Jurisprudence
Law 115 - Foundations of Law
Law 452 - Family Law
Law 869 - Law Globalisation and Cultural Transformations

Research Interests

Contemporary Legal Theory with a special emphasis on social justice, Legal Pluralism,  Legal Education, Discrimination Law, Family Law

India Research Centre@ Arts Faculty

I am a member of the IRC and am in the process of creating a law hub of research in this centre

International research collaboration

I collaborate extensively with colleagues in India
I am an adjunct Professor of Law at NUALS, Kerala and NALSAR, Hyderabad

Recent Publications

  • Decolonisation of Legal Knowledge, equal co edited book with Amita Dhanda, Routledge 2009.
  • 'Women, Law and Social Change' in Nirmala Banerjee, Samita Sen and Nandita Dhawan Eds Mapping the Filed: Gender Relations in Contemporary India, vol. 2, Stree Samya, Kolkotta, 2012, 293-319
  • 'Right to Have Rights: Supreme Court as the Guarantor of Rights of Persons with Mental/Intellectual Disability' 2011(5) Indian Journal of Constitutional Law 160-183
  • 'Australian Muslims and Family Law: Diversity and Gender Justice' 2012 (33) Journal of Intercultural Studies 565-583
  • 'Human Rights of Refugees' in Rafiq Islam&J H Bhuiyan eds An Introduction to International Refugee Law, Martinus Nijhoff, 2013, 357-378
  • 'My Brother's Keeper: Regulation of the brother-sister relationship in religious personal laws' co-authored with Vijaya Nagarajan (2013) 36(1) South Asia: Journal of South Asia Studies.
  • 'Space and Law, Gender and Land: Using CEDAW to Regulate for Women's Rights to Land in Vanuatu' co-authored with V Nagarajan (2013) 24(1) Law and Critique 87-105.
  • Religious Personal Laws as Non-State Laws: Implications for Gender Justice' (2013) 45(1) Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law 5-23

Bio & Publications

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