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Macquarie Law School

Dr Jed Goodfellow

Dr Jed Goodfellow Position: Honorary Associate



Jed Goodfellow is an Honorary Associate at Macquarie Law School with research and teaching interests in the field of animal welfare law and regulation. Jed completed his PhD in animal welfare regulation in 2015 and has taught Macquarie's Animal Law course on an annual basis since 2012. Jed's research examines governance structures for animal welfare policy and investigates the performance of government in developing and administering animal welfare law. His research has contributed to providing an empirical and analytical basis for law reform proposals intended to create new animal welfare governance models in Australia, including through the establishment of independent statutory authorities for animal welfare at the state and federal level.

Jed is also a Senior Policy Officer at RSPCA Australia where he provides advice on regulatory and legislative issues affecting animal welfare and representation to national standard-setting forums. Prior to joining Macquarie, Jed practised as a prosecutor for RSPCA South Australia, a solicitor for commercial law firm Clayton Utz, and worked as an inspector for RSPCA Queensland.


BA/LLB (Hons) (Griffith); GDLP (QUT); PhD (Macquarie)

Admitted to practice in Queensland (2009) and South Australia (2010).

Teaching Responsibilities

Engagement Interests and Memberships

  • Australian Animal Protection Law Journal, Editorial Advisory Panel
  • NSW Young Lawyers, Animal Law Committee
  • Barristers Animal Welfare Panel, Secretariat member
  • National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, Reference Group member


  • Jed Goodfellow, 'Regulatory Capture and the Welfare of Farm Animals in Australia' in Steven White and Deborah Cao (eds) Animal Law and Welfare: International Perspectives, Springer (2016).
  • Bidda Jones, Jed Goodfellow, James Yeates, and Paul McGreevy, 'A critical analysis of the British Horseracing Authority's review of the use of the whip in horseracing' (2015) 5 Animals 138-150.
  • Jed Goodfellow, Melina Tensen, and Lynne Bradshaw, 'The Future of Animal Welfare Policy and its Implications for Australian Livestock Industries' (2014) 11(1) Farm Policy Journal 39-49.
  • Jed Goodfellow, 'Animal Welfare Law Enforcement: To Punish or Persuade?' in Peter Sankoff, Steven White, Celeste Black (eds) Animal Law in Australasia, 2nd ed. Federation Press (2013).
  • Ilija Vickovich and Jed Goodfellow, 'Editors' Note - Animals and the Law: Theory, Policy and Regulation' (2013) 11 Macquarie Law Journal 1.

Recent Conference Presentations

  • 'The Future of Australian Animal and Forestry Law', Earth Law Conference, Australian Earth Law Alliance, Griffith University (2016) (with Tom Baxter, University of Tasmania).
  • 'The Democratic Deficiencies of Australia's Farm Animal Welfare Regulatory Framework', Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference, University of New South Wales (2016).
  • 'Regulating Farm Animal Welfare through the Paradigm of Productivity: The Australian Experience' Research Roundtable on Animal Law and Regulation, Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, Northwestern Law School, Chicago (2016).
  • 'Ag-Gag Laws for Australia? Implications for Livestock Industries and the Public's Right to Know' Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference, Adelaide Convention Centre (2016).
  • 'Democratising Animal Welfare Law and Policy in Australia', Animals and the Law: How the Law Affects and Protects Animals, ACT Law Society (2016).
  • 'What Animal Law Can Learn from Environmental Law' Animal Law Institute National Lecture Series, Macquarie University (2016).
  • 'Assessing the Legitimacy of Australia's Farm Animal Welfare Standard-Setting Framework' Animal Law Teachers' Workshop, Monash University (2015).
  • 'A Review of Ag-Gag Laws in Australia' NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Conference, University of New South Wales (2015).
  • 'Why Australia Needs an Independent Office of Animal Welfare', Australian Labor Party Annual Conference, Melbourne Convention Centre (2015).
  • 'Speciesism and the Law: How the Legal System Entrenches Animal Discrimination', Voiceless Rethinking, Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law, University of Queensland (2014).